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Affiliation deals for patients of KapaMediCare

KapaMediCare and Total Boxer join affiliation in 2013 and endorse the BoxingYoga™ programme put in place for professional and amateur boxing enthusiasts. Together we have gone through all the elements incorporated into the programme to give total conditioning, reducing injury and improving performance.  KapaMediCare will be offering clients of Total Boxer treatment sessions and rehabilitation programs which incorporate the use of BoxingYoga™.

Total Boxer - Fusing boxing technique and philosophy with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, BoxingYoga™ is an exciting and challenging discipline born to give boxers and athletes competitive advantage through improved mental strength, physical power, flexibility and control.

BoxingYoga™ is an important complement to any training regime; counter-stretching and strengthening important muscle groups, opening up the hips, chest and shoulders and increasing range of movement through spiral dynamics of the spine. BoxingYoga™ supports relaxation by cultivating healthy breathing habits, providing not only the ability to stay focused, keep calm and gain energy but also to release muscular tension, expand lung capacity and increase stamina. Improving posture, alignment and coordination by developing body awareness, BoxingYoga™ also helps to reduce recovery time and the risks of injury.

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Sweat Shop- has everything a runner requires. The SweatShop offers exclusive discounts of 10% when you quote the KAPA MEDiCARE Ambassador Number: 15-0123. Check in store for all running equipment and feel free to contact KAPA MEDiCARE with any injury questions or for treatment. For more information please log on to