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Joseph went on to study for a BSc honours degree at the British School of Osteopathy.
This degree focused on developing a solid understanding of human anatomy and bio-mechanics
as well as the physiology of the human body. An integral part of this course also included pathology and dysfunction which is a fundamental part of diagnosing and treating patients.

Through this course Joseph showed particular interest in treatment of sports injuries. He also noticed trends in Police Officers he treated, initiated his research into ‘lower back-pain in Police Officers and its association with wearing body armour and utility belts’. Since then Joseph has been involved with the treatment of Olympic Athletes, professional footballers, Boxers and other high profile patients within the sports field. Continuing his interest in sports injuries Joseph is took on a position for the MMA Clinic treating professional fighters specialising in different martial arts.

More recently KapaMediCare introduced pregnancy treatments during active phase of pregnancy leading to child birth and the aftercare so mothers can return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible. With special treatment tables to cater for your pregnant body it means that you can relax fully and get the most out of the treatment.

As an Osteopath, Joseph is committed to providing exclusive treatments of a high standard with the added benefit of being able to give sound clinical advice so that patients understand the nature of their problems and can start to get back to normal activities as quickly as possible.



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