Corporate Reports have shown that in the UK back pain is the leading cause of absence from work with approximately 80% of people experiencing debilitating pain at least once in their life.

People working in different environments suffer from muscular pain, preliminary back problems. This can result without trauma through posture, repetitive strains, stress, poor techniques, lack of exercise and many other factors.

These are some examples of professions that suffer more frequently

• People working whilst wearing apparatus in uniforms, e.g. Police officers and Fire Brigade.

• Sitting for long periods of time stationary with poor support e.g Computer work based or professional drivers

• Work involving manual labour e.g. builders • Long shift with repetitive movement e.g. shelf stackers of large stores.

• Standing for long periods of time e.g. teachers

The duration and level of this discomfort may vary from each staff member but ultimately may lead to time off work and if not managed correctly can result in poor overall work performance.

KapaMediCare can provide Osteopathic care for your workforce to decrease the number of absence due to musculoskeletal pain and in turn will increase productivity.

We are able to work with companies and taskforces of all sizes, and are able to be incorporated
as part of the medical faculty onsite or provide priority treatment in our clinic.  


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